Web Site Terms

KeithLink Dancewear website (hereinafter referred to as “the site”) by 2orange International Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “company”) electronic commerce website management, and on the basis of the site terms of use and other relevant specifications or announcements provide you with related services. The first time you shopping, please read and agree to the terms of use of this site then, fill in your basic information to complete the shopping process. Before you complete the shopping process, indicates that you have read, understand and agree to accept all contents of this site using the terms and conventions, such as do not agree to the terms of use of all or part of the site, please fill in the basic information and complete the follow-up shopping process.

You agree that the company has the right to be operational needs, adjust the site terms of use at any time, in addition to shopping for your completed equity have a significant impact, the company will not be notified individually, the contents of this site in terms of use, will be released on the site home page connection, you in every time before shopping can read, in order to protect your rights and interests you. After any modifications or changes to continue to use this service, you are deemed to have read, understand and agree to accept the changes and change. If you do not agree to modify or change the site terms of use, please stop using this site service.

Account & Password

1. the site for the protection of security transactions, you have to fill in the e-mail address become an account, and you have to choose a password as a personal login identification use, you can change your personal password. Do not use the same password as other sites and change your personal password frequently to keep your account secure.

2, you agree to your account and password to keep safe and confidential responsibility, including but not limited to: do not leak accounts, password to third person, do not share account with others, password, timely out of this site. In addition to the proof of the use of a third party in violation of the circumstances, you must use the correct account number you set up, password registration of the use of the full responsibility for the operation, not any denial of the transaction.

3, you declare and ensure that you fill in the basic information for your correct and complete information, not the use of other information, if any breach of the former guarantee, the company has the right to suspend or terminate your account, and refused to use the company’s services.

4, If your account face to any fraudulent use, theft of the situation, should immediately notify the company to avoid damage to expand. The Company will assist in the suspension of the relevant transaction and subsequent use of the account, and to clarify the use of the account, according to your request to re-set the password to open use.

Protection of personal data

We collect, process and utilize your personal information on the purpose of providing information about the Company’s related services and marketing for each transaction or participation in the event. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for personal information.

You agree that the Company may from time to time send product information to your e-mail address. If you wish to subscribe, stop subscribing or modify the relevant subscription settings, you can contact us.

The Company will comply with the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations on the protection of personal data, in addition to the terms of use of this site, privacy policy or legal provisions, the illegal use of your personal data. In the following circumstances, the Company may provide your personal information to the relevant authorities, or third parties who claim that their rights are infringed and prompt the official documents of the judiciary:

1, in accordance with the law or subject to investigation, the judiciary or other competent authorities on the basis of legal procedures;

2, ‘in the case of an emergency to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of other customers or third parties;

3, to provide the company’s related services generated by the flow of money, logistics or other third-party manufacturers or partners necessary information;

4, the user has any violation of the Government Act or the terms of use of this site situation.

This website may contain links to other websites due to advertisements or other promotional activities. You can click the link to other websites, that is, the terms and conditions of this website and the privacy policy. You have to determine the relevant terms of the site to protect your rights is sufficient, and then decide whether to use the site services.

Notification mode

You agree that you and the Company regarding the use of this website or shopping transactions information, we will remind you by the email.

Transaction notes

This site provided limited products, please choose and complete the order as soon as possible, after choose the product item into the shopping cart doesn’t mean you complete the order, if other users completed the orders before you, the system will inform you that the goods sold out, please remove from the shopping cart.

You have to confirm goods according to the site provided by the number and price mechanism of orders. The company have a legitimate reason to refuse to trade with your order within 2 working days. When you completed the payment, except as otherwise provided by law, it’s meaning the Transaction are completed
We will deliver the goods to you according to your delivery choice, if you are in our free shipping conditions or we offer free shipping, the shipping charges will provide from the company.

If you return the goods and after that do not in our free shipping conditions, the company will charge the shipping fees from your refunds. (the original shipping costs)

Intellectual property rights

All contents of this website include but not limited to: wisdom such as commodity photography, model photo, art illustrations, website architecture, program design, website screen arrangement, web design layout, trademark law, trademark law, patent law, other markings or information Property rights, are owned by the Company or the relevant rights holders, are protected by copyright law, intellectual property law, commercial law and fair trade law, and shall not be arbitrarily used to avoid infringement or illegal liability without the permission or authorization of the Company.

Limitation of Liability

You agree that any damages arising from the consumption of this website will be two times the amount of your current consumption.

Termination of Service and Statement of Exemption

The Company will maintain the normal operation of this website in a way that is in line with the current general and reasonable expectation of safety. The Company reserves the right to suspend all or part of the services of this website without prejudice to your obligations, and the Company shall not be liable for any damages or damages arising from any direct or consequential damages:

1.the site related to the hardware and software equipment to move back, replacement, or newspaper, maintenance or repair;

2.natural disasters or other force majeure caused by the service to stop or interrupted;

3.cease or discontinue the service caused by the interruption of service by the Company or any other company which is not attributable to the Company;

4.the site was affected by external forces caused by the information displayed incorrectly, or was forged, tampered with, deleted or retrieved, or caused the system to interrupt or not functioning;

5.The user suspends or terminates the service if the user has violated the terms and conditions of use of this website.

6.when the company does not need to suspend or terminate the service.

In view of the foreseeable hardware and software maintenance plan, the company may cause the site to suspend or terminate the service, as far as possible before the occurrence of the situation, in an appropriate manner on the website announcement.

Breach of contract

To maintain the interests of all users of this website, if you have any of the following circumstances, the company may suspend or terminate your shopping or refuse to use your site all or part of the service:

1.provide false or inaccurate information to log in.

2.without my permission to have a stolen credit card or other theft of financial account situation.

3.for no reason not in the notice period to the designated store to take or not to complete the delivery, more than the number of times the company set the situation.

4.the company finds that customer is a malicious termination of the situation.

5.the company’s customer service department for harassment or improper words and deeds.

6. other violation of the terms of use of this site or illegal circumstances.
You agree to the company in accordance with the site terms of use to suspend or terminate your shopping qualifications, or refuse your use of this site all or part of the services, the company do not need your permission, and the company to you or any third per capita does not assume any obligation or liability.

The validity of this agreement, the applicable law and the court of jurisdiction

This site uses any clause of all or part of the invalid, does not affect the validity of other provisions, you and the company’s rights and obligations, in accordance with the terms of use and related sites for the specification of site announcement or if there is any dispute, you can complaint or contact to the proposed reaction mode the records on the site customer service, the two sides should uphold the greatest sincerity, honesty and credit in accordance with the principles of equality and reciprocity, negotiated settlement, if unable to negotiate, except as otherwise required by law, the two sides agreed to Taiwan Taichung District Court for the jurisdiction of the court of first instance.

All the conditions in this contract (listed or not listed) are protected by the laws of the Republic of China