In 2023, the KeithLink x Dancers collaborative series is officially launched. Built upon the brand's accumulated essence, international dancers were invited to participate in the design and development of new products. This collaboration resulted in limited-edition exclusive designs, bringing forth a unique and distinctive style of special limited products. It injects KeithLink with even more uniqueness and allure.

Consistently Evolve:

I am an extremely sensitive person when it comes to dancewear. Every morning, as I step into the dance studio and open my wardrobe, I always spend quite some time deciding on today’s mood and tone. What kind of outfit matches my current state of mind? What color suits the role I’ll be practicing? Should I wear full-length or short tights, with or without sleeves, what should be the width of the collar, and should I pair it with warm-up pants or socks? Even the style combination that my teaching instructor prefers can influence my clothing choices. Therefore, after receiving the invitation to collaborate with KeithLink, I started reevaluating my relationship with dancewear and how it affects my daily life.
“Consistent” is an incredibly important and crucial trait for dancers. In classical ballet, you must repeat numerous mundane basic exercises day after day to understand their impact and benefits, and only through steadfast dedication can you achieve the possibility of “Evolve” into something greater. This is the design concept behind this Collection.
Functional sportswear is what male dancers wear most frequently, being practical for daily use, representing the design’s core idea of “Consistent.” The design’s crotch, folded pant legs, and close-fitting design are rare qualities that truly meet the requirements of a “dancer” on the market. In the design of the tights, I used gradient colors and shading to interpret my concept of “Evolve.”
Finally, I hope that all those who wear this Collection will find themselves consistently evolving in this world of dance where body and emotions collide.

-梁世懷 Shih-Huai Liang
Soloist Dancer/ Universal Ballet

Versatile Top NTD.980
Trousers NTD.1,680
Versatile Top NTD.1,180
Tights NTD.1,380
Shorts NTD.880

Dancer: 梁世懷 Shih-huai Liang

Photographer: BAKi / 박귀섭