KeithLink provided high quality dancewear and unique designs for adult and child.

We use the high quality Taiwan microfibric material, power silicone elastics band,
Each product is handmade in Taiwan.

We are full designer handmade brand, from designs to the sale all you can see it different!
We provide high quality and unique design at the same time,
If you don’t want to wear like a uniform,
KeithLink is always your best choice!

Our Design Director, Keith Lin has been designing and producing dance costumes for over 20 years,
And established KeithLink Dancewear in 2012,
At the same time Keith create and design opera, stage show, classical ballet costume, modern ballet costume.
As you can see in our beautiful and unique products, He insisted on all the details,
Because Keith is an artist and perfectionist!

Join KeithLink today, you can find a different and special you!