The Company is committed to complying with the relevant laws and regulations governing the protection of personal data and the Company's privacy policy to properly manage and protect the privacy of users.
1. The Company obtains personal information in a lawful and impartial manner.
2. In accordance with the law, the Company informs the purpose of collection. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Company uses personal data only for the purpose of collecting the following purposes.
3. The Company takes necessary and appropriate measures to securely manage the personal data obtained.
4. The Company will not provide personal data to a third party except as otherwise provided below or as otherwise provided by law.
5. The Company will properly handle the relevant requirements when confirming, correcting, stopping the use and deleting of the personal data of the customer.

When you enter your personal information on this website to complete the event or to start using the service,As if you have clearly understood and agreed to the following company to collect, process or use your personal data purposes and purposes

Notice of personal information

2Orange International Limited company (the "Company") informs you of the following matters in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 1 of Article 8 of the Personal Data Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") in law of Taiwan, please read:

The purpose of this collection is to collect your personal data for the following specific purposes:

1.Customer related personal information
Contract, similar contract or other legal relationship:
a. Consumer, customer management and service
MarketingInformation management and database management
b. Internet shopping and other e-commerce services
c. Other business operations in business registration or organization
d. To provide the goods or services of the Company
e. Reply to your inquiry
f. To enhance the quality of service of the Company
g. To provide information about our products or services

2. Personal Information: The Company will collect your following personal information in order to provide services:
a. Name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone, e-mail address, etc., is sufficient to identify your identity in order to provide personal information about the service.
b. Other types of information should be collected according to law (for example: tax collection law provides that the customer before return the goods, the customer should fill in the relevant personal information.)

3. Period, area, object and manner of use of personal data:

a. Period: the period of existence of a particular purpose, or the period of preservation (such as commercial accounting law, etc.) which shall be retained by law according to law, whichever is the later.
b. Object: The Company and the Company's affiliates (for example, those who provide logistics, cash flow or event gifts and display products); if the Company collects with other manufacturers, the jointly collected activities In the name.
c. Region: The company's business and server host location, currently for the Taiwan region.
d. way: to automate the machine or other non-automated use.

4. In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 of the Personal Law, you have to apply for your personal information,
a. The inquiry, purchase or reproduction of the copy, but you may have to take the necessary cost.
b. Supplement or correction, but you must be appropriate to explain it.
c. to stop the collection, processing or use, or to be deleted, but the company according to the law required for the implementation of the business, not the limit.

5. Do not provide the impact of the interests of personal data:
You are free to choose whether to provide personal information, but if you refuse to provide the necessary personal information, may affect the company to provide the relevant services.

6. About the use of cookies
The technique of registering a visitor's message on a computer (hard drive) is called a "cookie". In the company's website, there is a page that uses cookie technology for the convenience of customers' use of our website. When you change the use of cookies by using the browser to refuse to use cookies, some or all of the services that may cause the purchase of the product may not be available. In addition, we can use cookie technology to investigate the customer's website usage if we can not determine the specific individual.

7. You provide advertise or works to our company for website, mobile applications and other works.
If you contribute or participate in the company's activities, you agree to provide portrait, copyright and other related intellectual property rights to the company, we can use it. But we agree not to submit to third par